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Your SAHARA are extremely comfortable lightweight, vegan sports shoes made of cactus leather and recycled materials. Minimalist design sneakers with a soft 4 cm platform, rounded toe and white logo.

A basic configuration that goes with any style, immune to the passage of time. Dress how you believe, Vegtus shoes.


100% cruelty free vegan sneakers made with cactus leather and recycled materials. A vegan, ecological and sustainable product with which we help to protect the planet and the environment.

Both technical and design aspects make VEGTUS a UNIQUE sneaker in terms of comfort, lightness and versatility. These shoes are characterized by the softness of its materials, for being ultra-light (250gr.) breathable and very comfortable.

The inner lining is made of mesh made from recycled materials, providing greater breathability. The thermoformed insole with foam material allows an excellent adaptation to the sole of the foot, ensuring total comfort when walking. For the sole, one of the lightest and most flexible materials on the market has been chosen: expanded EVA. And the reinforcement materials used for the manufacture of the toe and heel are light and thermo-moldable to maintain the shape without giving hardness to the footwear.

Fashion and comfort go hand in hand with VEGTUS, the trendy sneakers is a basic that will combine with all your outfits, and always cruelty free. Dress the way you think and join the 100% sustainable attitude.